The Lure of the Dragon

“I really enjoyed reading the book.” —Dan Egnor, Puzzle Sage

The Lure of the Dragon

A Prexcyt Anthology edited by Errol Elumir

About the book

Magic and adventure from the golden age of Prexcytian legend, The Lure of the Dragon is a superb collection of stories by some of the best authors in the industry. Enter into the fantastic realms of the age of dragons, times when magic held sway, when Prexcyt and the old ways struggled and vied with the humans' new world. In this volume you will find:

Debbie Ridpath Ohi on magic
Julia Nevins on gifts
Kari Maaren on storytelling
Lizette Tanner on youth
Mags Storey on games
Manda Whitney on tests

These are brand-new stories specially written for this collection, rare gems for the Prexcytian scholar. Delve in and discover the mystery and magic of Prexcyt and her world.

About the authors

Debbie Ohi writes and illustrates books for young people. She is the author and illustrator of Where Are My Books? (2015) and Sam & Eva (Simon & Schuster, 2017). Debbie’s illustrations appear in books by Michael Ian Black, Judy Blume, Aaron Reynolds, Rob Sanders, Lauren McLaughlin and Colby Sharp. She has worked on book projects with Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Random House, Little Brown, Stone Bridge Press and Writer’s Digest, among others. In 2018, her illustrations will appear in I’m Sad, a sequel to NY Times Notable I’m Bored, written by Michael Ian Black, as well as in Colby Sharp’s The Creativity Project. Debbie posts about reading, writing and illustrating children’s books at You can find out more about Debbie and her work at as well as on Twitter at @inkyelbows and Instagram at @inkygirl.

Julia Nevins is the author of the Amovae Chronicles series of Young Adult/Teen novels. She is a reader by night and writer by day who loves any story involving heists, con artists, or assassins. Or puppies. Add a dash of romance, history, or fantasy, and she’s in her happy place. She lives near Seattle with her husband Justin, his Cryptex® workshop, and their sweet, neurotic border collie. You can connect with her online at

Kari Maaren is a writer, cartoonist, musician, and reasonably grumpy university instructor. Her first novel, the YA-friendly fantasy adventure Weave a Circle Round, was published in the fall of 2017. She has a completed webcomic, West of Bathurst, and an active one, It Never Rains; she has also produced two CDs of original music, Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off and Everybody Hates Elves, and has won Aurora Awards for her music (2013 and 2015) and comics (2015).

Kari was born in Burnaby, B.C., but now lives in Toronto, Ontario with far too many musical instruments and an astounding number of books.

Lizette Tanner is an amateur writer. Most of her writing involve health reports and other government documents that have nothing to do with dragons. She lives in Alberta with her husband, her daughter, and a fluffy creature that is more or less a dog.

Mags Storey is the author of over a dozen romantic suspense novels, including Dead Girls Don’t (2017), and a gamemaster at Crypto Escape Rooms. You can bother her on twitter at @magsstorey.

Manda Whitney is a Toronto based writer and performer. While her focus is writing and performing comedic scripts (which includes two webseries, three stage plays and various sketches), she has also branched out to writing and designing narrative for large scale escape events. When she is not working on projects, she is usually playing video games, board games, watching strange, foreign shows or updating her blog at when she remembers to.

Errol Elumir has played adventure games ever since they were text on screens loading from cassette tapes. He loves escape rooms and is obsessed with puzzle design. He has created puzzles for large-scale, theatrical escape events, as well as puzzle hunts such as the Cryptex Hunt.

Errol has a daily webcomic about his nerdy life raising two teenagers which you can find on He also has a podcast about escape rooms on And if you still want to connect with him, there’s always Twitter at @elumir.

The Lure of the Dragon

The Lure of the Dragon

A Prexcyt Anthology