How to solve
Wake Up!

It's dark!

According to the document, turn on the lights.

How do I turn on the lights?

The pictures on the west wall tell you which switches to flip.

How do I use the ladder?

Drop the ladder.

How do I paint a brighter day?

You need a paint can, a paint brush, and a ladder on the floor to access the ceiling. Then just paint it.

What do I count?

Animals that normally wake you up.

What do I do with the trash can?

Take a look at what's written on the wall. See anything in the room that has anything in common with it?

How do I fall?

The ladder isn't high enough to fall from. But you will see something from the ladder.

Solving the Puzzle Hunt Puzzle

Where's the hidden puzzle?

One of them was visible when the game ended. Maybe you should look there.

Is the passcode a word?

The passcode to the cryptex is a five letter word. If the names of the animals don't give you a hint, you may need to google.

What's important about this song? The name doesn't work as a passcode.

The song's name is important. The lyrics are not important, but the names of the cats are important.

Still stuck on the names of the cats.

The number in the song indicates what to look at when you look at the names of the cats in order.

How many objects are important?

There are three familiar objects and three unfamiliar objects.

You may need to use paper for this. And a pencil. Writing things down will help.

I just have a list of words!

If you put the familiar objects into a list, why a list? Why not put them all in a row?

Then remove that which shouldn't be in the room.

Is this an anagram?

No. I personally don't enjoy anagrams. There is a method to get the correct word and order. Remember the part to start from the right.