How to solve
Welcome to the Jungle

How do I navigate around the jungle?

You will quickly get disoriented, so drawing a map will help. Directions are sometimes one-way.

What do I do with the items that I find?

There's a place for (almost) everything... you've just got to put them there.

What do I do with the vines?

You need to find a reference that will help you with them (see next).

I still can't solve the vines! (#1)

Have you found the journal? It will help you understand what to.

I still can't solve the vines! (#2)

Each word in the journal will translate to something you have to do with the vines. If you make a mistake, just start again from the beginning.

How do I get past the dingo?

The poor creature looks hungry, or maybe bored. Perhaps find it something to chew on.

I found the fountain, but it's broken - now what?

You also found something else. Maybe you can find a place to put it.

The fountain is working - now what?

Well, what do you do when you find a magic fountain that grants magical insight to whomever drinks from it?

Solving the Puzzle Hunt Puzzle

I solved the game! Now what? None of the answers worked.

Now you have to find and solve the hidden puzzle. The fountain has given you brand new insight.

What do I need to do?

The game has restarted, but now you can see things a little more clearly. Take a look around.

I see something, but can't make it out!

Keep going... soon you'll be able to see even more.

I'm still not sure how to see things properly!

Put everything back where it's supposed to go - you'll know when you can see what you're missing.

I can see clearly now, but I'm not sure what do?

Go back through and check things out. Examine things, especially those things that you might have noticed before.

I've seen everything - how put them in order?

Have you seen the boomerang? Have you used it? More than once?

How do I solve the puzzle?

Each item should have granted you new insight - what do those things mean?