The 2020 Cryptex Mini Puzzle Hunt

An online puzzle hunt launching, Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 8:00pm EST, the day before International Cryptex® Day.

GRAND PRIZE: Nevins Line Cryptex® Security Box

The Fourth Eye

Hints for Chapter 9

Hint 01 - What are the clues?

The clues for the final puzzle, this meta puzzle, are the first two lines of each epigraph.

Hint 02 - What is even the goal for this?

The first goal will be to take specific panels from each door to form a new picture.

Hint 03 - What does "Will contain all you need" mean?

All the panels you will need will be from the seven doors.

Hint 04 - What does "The seven hold answers, All seven assigned" mean?

The seven answers from chapters 1 to 7 can fit on the 5x7 grid of each door. Write each answer on each of the seven doors.

Hint 05 - What does "Each seven’s defined By a symbol of old" mean?

The seven doors are composed of a different element. The iron door, for example, has the periodic table element Fe.

Hint 06 - What does "For each seven doors, Find matches it holds" mean?

If you wrote the answers on the iron door, and the iron door has the symbol Fe, then you will need each panel from the iron door that has either the letter "F" or "E".

Hint 07 - What does "Each seven’s symbol Locates unique parts important" mean?

This just solidifies you will not need to use a panel from each door more than once when forming the complete picture.

Hint 08 - What does "From seven take twenty To assemble your guide" mean?

When you assemble your picture, you will need 20 panels from the seven doors. Also, the fact that it says "guide" means the final picture will guide you somehow, like a map.

Hint 09 - What does "Sevens’ numbers ignored When the finale you reach" mean?

Each element also has an associated atomic number. You can ignore those. It was only used for Chapter 8. If you were also keeping track of mass, you can ignore those too.

Hint 10 - Twenty has been gathered. How to assemble?

It's a jigsaw puzzle. There should be only one orientation that fits perfectly. You will not need to rotate any piece.

Hint 11 - Guide assembled. What do things mean?

"Dig" refers to the verb "dig" and not short for anything. The "10" in the page icon means to go to page 10. There is an inversed X with a tiny arrow pointing at it. And outlined will be the word Jess, which was from the door saying "Jess alignes with your goals."

Hint 12 - Guide assembled. What to align?

Jess aligns with the third Jess on page 10. The circle aligns with the page number circl on page 10.

Hint 13 - Guide assembled. What to do?

The X is reversed because it indicates an area. Start on Page 10, and imagine it is in a book. Note where X is and what it highlights. Then 'dig' to the page underneath, which is page 8. What is revealed? Continue until you reach the front of the book.