The 2020 Cryptex Mini Puzzle Hunt

An online puzzle hunt launching, Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 8:00pm EST, the day before International Cryptex® Day.

GRAND PRIZE: Nevins Line Cryptex® Security Box

The Fourth Eye

Hints for Chapter 6

Hint 02 - Where to search.

The epigraph says to search outside. What do you think it means by outside? And no, you don't need to physically exit the room.

Hint 03 - What the epigraph means by 'outside'.

Margins. You search in the margins.

Hint 04 - Where not to search.

Indents are not in the margins. The letters along edges of the paragraph are not in the margins. The page is full justification, so you can tell what's in the margins and what isn't by using a straight edge.

Hint 05 - Found something, but it doesn't make sense.

Find as many things as you can. And then remember the symbol.

Hint 06 - What the symbol means.

It's a page on its side. It indicates how to look at the page.

Hint 07 - Have everything but don't know what to do?

Google an event that happened in 1838.