The 2020 Cryptex Mini Puzzle Hunt

An online puzzle hunt launching, Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 8:00pm EST, the day before International Cryptex® Day.

GRAND PRIZE: Nevins Line Cryptex® Security Box

The Fourth Eye

Hints for Chapter 3

Hint 03 - What are the numbers in the circle?

When a number is in a circle, what does it normally mean in the book?

Hint 04 - What do the numbers with the line mean?

A number with a line. A line number.

Hint 05 - There is nothing there.

Don't just look at the line. Look at the whole paragraph.

Hint 06 - What the door means.

When you look at the line-art on the door, what do you see? It shows you how to find things.

Hint 07 - What words to use.

In the epigraph, it says "The third’s instructions also contains your goals."

Hint 08 - Still don't know what words to use.

Everything you need to find is given in the inscription.

Hint 09 - Still stuck in finding things.

Start with the line "Seek | 51, 5" That's the easiest one.