The 2020 Cryptex Mini Puzzle Hunt

An online puzzle hunt launching, Saturday, February 29, 2020, at 8:00pm EST, the day before International Cryptex® Day.

GRAND PRIZE: Nevins Line Cryptex® Security Box

The Fourth Eye

Hints for Chapter 2

Hint 01 - Where to start

There are three components which will help you.

Hint 02 - The things to look at are...

The epigraph, the numbers on page 44, and the door.

Hint 03 - What is on the door.

The pictures on the door represent pages.

Hint 04 - What the numbers represent.

The numbers on page 44 represent three different pages.

Hint 05 - Still stuck after knowing about the door and the numbers.

Take a look at the door. The circle on each page points to the small box in the page. What do you think that means?

Hint 06 - Still stuck after reading Hint 05.

The epigraph mentions "locates not once but two times." The quote is referencing the numbers.

Hint 07 - What the epigraph means.

Each number first helps locate a page. How do you think they can help locate a second thing?

Hint 08 - What you are not locating.

You are not trying to find a letter.

Hint 09 - What you are trying to find.

You are looking for three words.