Justin Nevins

Justin is the sponsor of the Cryptex Hunt.  He is the creator of the first Cryptex® Security Box and has been making custom works of art like this full time since March 1, 2004. A former international corporate consultant, Justin has been fascinated with different languages and cultures for most of his life. Growing up, he played a lot of games – board games, card games, video games, any kind of games – and has been obsessed with role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. In recent years, he discovered escape rooms, due to the high demand for his quality Cryptexes in this industry.  Escape rooms and puzzle hunts have become his new obsessions.  Check out his products at


Errol Elumir

Errol has played adventure games ever since they were text on screens loading from cassette tapes. He loves escape rooms and is obsessed with puzzle design. After creating the puzzles for large-scale, theatrical escape events, he is very happy to create puzzles with a bit more difficulty in this puzzle hunt. A webcomic artist, a musician, and a podcaster for escape rooms, you can find more of his work than you care to see from his comic website,


Darren Miller

Darren has keen interests in Internet technologies, science fiction and fantasy, and puzzles! He and his wife, Melissa, have been hooked on escape rooms ever since they discovered them in May 2015. They just wish there were more in Connecticut! Making online friendships with Dan and Errol (along with other like-minded friends), has introduced him to the world of online puzzle hunts. And now he designs and shares his puzzles online. Darren hopes you find his contributions to this puzzle hunt challenging and fun!  You can find some of his other puzzles at his site.


Daniel Egnor

Dan loves puzzles, puzzle hunts, escape rooms and other nerdy adventures. Impressed with the solid construction and zany spirit of Errol’s previous hunts, he resolved to work with Errol on a project some fine day. That fine day is now here, and Dan hopes you find his contributions amusing.